About The Ultimate Legacy™

How Parents Can Give Their Children a Legacy of Beliefs

Have you been watching the news lately? As a parent it’s got to concern you. Almost every week you see news reports about teen beatings, “sexting” – teens and pre-teens sending nude photos on their cell phones, and the 165% increase in the homicide rate among 14-17 year-olds. I call this epidemic of low self-regard, lawlessness, and cruelty among kids Belief Bankruptcy™.


Even if your kids are growing up in a great home, it’s hard for them to escape the impact of what they see and hear around them. As a parent’s influence seems to decrease, there is an increase in influence from teachers and popular culture — books, movies, music, media, and video games. Unfortunately, there are many other parents willing to just let schools and popular culture instill beliefs in their children.


As a parent, you are in the primary position to help your kids develop powerful, positive beliefs. However time pressure and the lack of understanding about beliefs can make it difficult for you to do this. Over and over I hear parents tell me, “I just don’t know what to say or do!” Fortunately, parents like you who really care about your kids can do something about it. You can have a profound effect on your children by “investing” in powerful positive beliefs for your own life. You can pass on to your children a collection of empowering, positive beliefs — what I call The Ultimate Legacy™.


On this website you can begin to learn how to choose beliefs in which to “invest” for your own life, how to build a personal portfolio of beliefs, and how put those beliefs in trust for your children.